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20 Outdoor Date Ideas

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My boyfriend and I are rather active, nature-bound people. As much as we enjoy lounge around on the couch and binge-watching Netflix series every now and then, we both love to get outside and go on little adventures.

Here are 20 budget-friendly ideas for dates that don't take place at home or in a fancy restaurant.

20 Outdoor Date Ideas
01. Get up before dawn and have a breakfast picnic watching the sunrise – pack a warm blanket and a thermos bottle with tea or coffee though in case it's going to be cold.
02. Go for a bike ride followed by a picnic. Bring a basket with food, a blanket, maybe some lemonade or a card game.
03. Go for a hike or a nature walk, and have a scavenger hunt.
04. Fly kites or play Frisbee.
05. Go star gazing. Grab a blanket, lay down on the grass and stare at the stars and try to find your favourite constellations.
06. Go roller skating or ice-skating together.
07. Pull up to a drive-in movie with your favourite snacks at hand and get cozy …

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